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Probation conditions for the Trumbull County Eastern Court jurisdiction are typical of most Ohio statewide standard probation terms.

If you have been sentenced to the Trumbull County Adult Justice Center, your sentence, or a portion of the sentence, has been suspended temporarily for now to allow you the opportunity to prove that you can modify your current behavior and become a law-abiding citizen.  The opportunity is called Community Control.  Community Control is not a right, but a privilege that the Court is free to allow or deny.  Probation laws impose rules that you must obey.  Your failure to obey them will result in a violation of Community Control and you will return to the Court.

It is the duty of the Probation Officer to make sure that you live by the Conditions of Community Control.  The Probation Officer has the authority and the right to enforce the Conditions of Community Control and to notify the Court of any infractions or violations of these rules.  You will be subject to arrest by your Probation Officer for good cause without a warrant or by any law enforcement officer on the written order of the Chief Probation Officer.

The Judge may order a warrant for your arrest if he deems that you have violated any conditions of your probation. The court may at any time, revoke the Conditions of Community Control for good cause, modify them, or extend the period of probation.  If your probation is revoked, the original sentence may be re-imposed and you will be committed to the Trumbull County Adult Justice Center.

There are basically many special conditions for probation.  The following are some of the special terms of probation: