Traffic Cases...

If your citation/ticket is marked personal appearance is required, you cannot send in your payment to the court. You must appear at the date and time noted on the citation/ticket.

If your citation/ticket is not marked personal appearance is required, you can send in your payment to the court. Please sign the back of the citation/ticket and send in the citation/ticket along with your check or money order to the court at 7130 Brookwood Drive, Brookfield, Ohio 44403. Make check payable to Trumbull County Court Eastern. If paying by check put your telephone number on the check. Call: 330-675-7900 for total owed. If you failed to show proof of insurance when the citation/ticket was issued, you must send proof of insurance with your payment.

Court Costs for Traffic are $110.00 plus the fine amount found in Traffic Court Costs or ODNR Court Costs or Parks Court Costs .  The fines are based on the type of offense that is written on the ticket. If your ticket was issued from the jurisdictions of Hartford Township, Brookfield Township, or Kinsman Township; then an additional Township fee of $8.00 must be added to the total owed.

By signing the back of your ticket and sending in your payment without coming to court, you are acknowledging that:

  • You are the Defendant and that you are pleading “Guilty” to all charges against you as listed on the citation/ticket; (If you are unsure of your rights, the effect of your plea, or need legal advice, you should consult an attorney before sending in your payment.)

  • Your plea is a complete admission of guilt, waiving your right to an appearance in court or to a trial;

  • After your plea and payment is processed, your case will be closed and the Court will forward this information to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, who will add the appropriate points to your license;

  • If your citation or ticket indicated that you failed to show proof of insurance, your license will be suspended by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles unless you send proof of insurance for the date of the offense to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If notified to do so.

  • Your payment is due before the date that you are summoned to court; you will find that date at the bottom of the citation/ticket.


If you have a license suspension and want to request privileges to drive to work or doctor appointments while your license is suspended authorization MUST BE approved by the JUDGE.  These forms must be completed and presented to the Court for approval by the Judge.  DRIVING LETTER REQUEST (Both Sections MUST BE SUBMITTED):  The Petition for Work (Occupational) Driving Privileges must be completed by the Defendant. Make sure that you put a telephone number on the Petition; so the Court can notify you of the Judge’s decision.  The Defendant must have his/her insurance agent complete the Proof of Insurance Affidavit.  The affidavit MUST BE SIGNED by the insurance agent (without the signature it will be declined). An insurance card is not sufficient! Bring or send BOTH forms completed to the Court. 

After the Judge approves the Petition a driving letter will be prepared.  If denied the letter will not be issued.  You can check back within one week to see if a decision was made and if the letter is ready for you to pick up.